There are several types of meetings, including formal, semi-formal and informal.

A Formal Meeting

Formal meetings follow set meeting procedures that are not always used for informal meetings. The following three types of meetings are formal:

They all have:

An Informal Meeting

Semi-formal and informal meetings do not necessarily follow all the rules of formal meetings, though they usually have the same documentation, such as an agenda and minutes.

Staff meetings, club meetings and any meeting which is a get-together for managing an organisation and making decisions for the group are often semi-formal or informal meetings.

At informal meetings there are often no motions put and voted upon - these may be information sharing or reporting meetings. The meeting may make decisions informally, with these recorded in the minutes, but not necessarily a proposer or seconder.

Informal meetings sometimes do not have a notice of meeting or an agenda. They occasionally do not take down minutes, but sometimes, they have all three. It often depends on the rules of the organisation that is holding the meeting. Most business meetings and meetings of registered organisations, such as sporting clubs, are required to keep records of meetings and these meetings are often semi-formal, rather than informal.


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