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Apply ethical and nurturing practices in work with children and young people

Here are the Readings for Apply ethical and nurturing practices in work with children and young people. (.docx 583kB)

The Readings contain the content of the topic and can be downloaded or printed. They also contain references to the online Activities, to inform you of the best time to attempt to do these.

Following is an outline of the Readings containing the online Activities referenced in the Readings. The outline will show you the context in which the Activities occur.


Protect the rights of children and young people in the provision of services

Responding appropriately to incidents in the workplace

Identify and seek supervision support for issues of ethical concern in practice with children and young people

Professional values and ethics
Early Childhood Association (ECA) Code of Ethics

Let’s have a look at the following scenarios:

  1. A student is to complete a placement of 2 weeks and comes to you to discuss their program and activities. You notice that there are many activities for the outdoor area and that this will be challenging with a group of 10 toddlers.

  2. A co-worker finds the evaluation of programs difficult and at times repeats experiences several times during the day. You check the programming policy and find it does not clearly identify roles and responsibilities within the planning process.

  3. The children are finding it difficult to share the outdoor equipment one afternoon. Your director questions you in relation to the outdoor equipment that is not being used. You detail reasons of safety.

Explain how you would ‘act reasonably’ in each of these situations, and why.