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Maintain a clean and hygienic environment

Here are the Readings for Maintain a clean and hygienic environment. (.docx 259kB)

The Readings contain the content of the topic and can be downloaded or printed. They also contain references to the online Activities, to inform you of the best time to attempt to do these.

Following is an outline of the Readings containing the online Activities referenced in the Readings. The outline will show you the context in which the Activities occur


Ensure cleaning occurs as an ongoing process as per recognised state/territory regulations and requirements

What can you see that is wrong with this centre? List the problems below and devise how they should best improve the areas to lower the infection rate.


Use appropriate cleaning agents as per recognised state/territory regulations and requirements

Cleaning agents – are they necessary?

What are four areas that you might clean with warm soapy water?


Procedure for cleaning any body fluid spill

animated drawing of clothes on a washing line

Wash linen and clothes in hot soapy water and dry in the sun

Chemical hazards
Cleaning and sustainability in child care services

Follow standard precautions for infection control

Infection prevention and control
Disease and germs

  1. How do we stop germs surviving when released into the air, on surfaces and on people?

  2. How do we stop germs gaining entry to the body?

  3. How do we stop germs occurring in the workplace?

Your response


Infection control

What are the ways you can think of to naturally protect your body from catching disease when working in child care services?


What are some methods you could use to reduce the risk of infection when disposing of dirty nappies into the waste?