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Create opportunities for children to develop their understanding of physical needs

Here are the Readings for Create opportunities for children to develop their understanding of physical needs (.docx 613kB).

The Readings contain the content of the topic and can be downloaded or printed. They also contain references to the online Activities, to inform you of the best time to attempt to do these.

Following is an outline of the Readings containing the online Activities referenced in the Readings. The outline will show you the context in which the Activities occur.


Explain nutritional needs to children in a suitable language

Talking about nutrition

photo opf children sitting around a table and eating

A good time to talk about nutrition is during meal times

and provide an environment for social learning and positive interaction.

Jack is having a picnic with Romi and Eli, aged six and eight years. He offers them a plate of fruit. Romi takes the banana, and Jack says “Good choice, Romi, bananas are full of lots of things that make you strong.” Eli takes a passionfruit, and Jack says “Don’t like them myself—too many seeds.” He looked further into his bag “Oh look I have some cheese too. Who likes cheese?” Romi says she does, Eli says he doesn’t. Jack says “That’s a good choice too Romi. Cheese makes your bones strong. Here have some Eli, its good for you.”

Identify two examples of poor practice and two examples of good practice in the above scenario.


The children in your preschool room have been showing a lot of interest in the summer fruits coming into season. You decide to go with this in your programming and share information on the benefits of eating fruit.

What activities and resources would you use?