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Provide materials and experiences that stimulate different senses and promote body awareness

Both carers were hoping to extend the children’s interest in the beach.

1. Kim had set up tray of water in which he had placed some plastic underwater creatures. When the children came over to the tray he talked to them about the different animals in the water. Gemma knew the names of all the animals. Sasha joined Gemma. The two of them played with the dolphins, diving them into the water and then out again.

2. The children had been talking about their visits to the beach over the holidays. Jenni put a plastic tarpaulin in the sandpit and filled it with water. She then put some buckets and spades, other digging tools and trucks in the sand. In the water she put some boats and some plastic birds. The children had a lot of fun paddling in the water and playing with the boats and digging tools. As the sand got wet, Robin and Taylor started to run it through their fingers. Richard and Amarjot wiggled their toes in the warm, wet sand. Nelson and Harley started to build some towers with the wet sand. Soon everyone joined Nelson and Harley in their efforts to turn the area into a small town with houses, castles and roads.

Which experience would most stimulate the senses?