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Identify and review behaviour causing concern

Here are the Readings for Identify and review bvehaviour causing concern (.doc 161kB)

The Readings contain the content of the topic and can be downloaded or printed. They also contain references to the online Activities, to inform you of the best time to attempt to do these.

Following is an outline of the Readings containing the online Activities referenced in the Readings, as well as the audio files for Songs mentioned in the Readings. The outline will show you the context in which the Activities and Songs occur.


Gathering information from those involved with the child

Who is involved with the child?

Write a list of all the people who might typically be involved in the life of a young child. Think about who was involved in your own childhood.


Now think about which of these people you would feel ethically comfortable in asking for information about the child.


Who else might you ask to gather relevant information about the child?


Observing the child