Record observations appropriately

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Record observations appropriately

Here are the Readings for Record observations appropriately. (.docx 93kB)

The Readings contain the content of the topic and can be downloaded or printed. They also contain references to the online Activities, to inform you of the best time to attempt to do these.

Following is an outline of the Readings containing the online Activities referenced in the Readings. The outline will show you the context in which the Activities occur.


Ensure information collected through observation and secondary sources is discussed with relevant people and/or recorded according to requirements

Observation and the ECA Code of Ethics

For this activity you need a copy of the ECA Code of Ethics. It can be accessed on the ECA website at

1. Acknowledge the uniqueness and potential of all children, in recognition that enjoying their childhood without undue pressure is important.

2. Base my work on contemporary perspectives on research, theory, content knowledge, high-quality early childhood practices and my understandings of the children and families with whom I work.

3. Acknowledge children as competent learners, and build active communities of engagement and inquiry.

4. Develop shared planning, monitoring and assessment practices for children’s learning and communicate this in ways that families understand.

5. Maintain confidentiality and respect the right of the family to privacy.

6. Regard myself as a learner who undertakes reflection, critical self-study, continuing professional development and engages with contemporary theory and practice.

Identify why you think each of these statements is relevant to the practice of observation and documentation in child care.


Observation and accreditation (QIAS)

For this activity, you need the National Childcare Accreditation Council’s Quality Practices Guide (

Read through the quality areas and principles. The principles and indicators give us guidance about how to keep records, what sort of information we can gather about children, how we can make best use of the information we gather and how we can share it with families.

Summarise and write down some relevant points in the areas relating to working in partnerships with families and programming and evaluation.


Observation and the state regulations

The current Children’s Services Regulations 2004 can be downloaded from the Internet at:

Using the current Children’s Services Regulations, record what is said about observations and documentation. (Observations may be referred to as child developmental records in these regulations.)


Confidentiality and privacy
Guidelines for confidentiality and privacy