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Additional resources

Core resources

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Other resources

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Relevant journals

Australian Journal of Early Childhood. The Journal of Early Childhood Australia Inc.

Broadside – The Community Child Care Monthly Newsletter. Community Child Care Co-operative Ltd. (NSW)

Child Care Exchange. The early childhood Leaders Magazine. (United States)

Every Child. The magazine of the Australian Early Childhood Association.

Gowrie RAP: Reflections. This is the quarterly magazine of the Gowrie Australia Consortium.

Jigsaw. The magazine of the National Family Day Care Council of Australia

Network News. A quarterly publication of the Network of Community Activities.

Putting Children First. The quarterly newsletter of the National Childcare Accreditation Council Inc.

Rattler. The children’s service magazine (quarterly). Community Child Care Co-operative Ltd. (NSW)

Totline. Quarterly magazine of Playgroup NSW Inc. & Playgroup Queensland

Young Children. The National Association for the Education of Young Children. Washington.

Websites and online resources

ABC Kids:

Australian Early Development Index:

Child Development Institute:

Community Child Care Cooperative:

Early Childhood Australia:

Everything preschool:

Federal Government Virtual Children's Hub:

Growing Lifestyle:


Kids spot:

Lady Gowrie Child Centre, Sydney:

Network of Community Activities. Resources and Information for OOSH Services:

Perpetual preschool:

Project approach:

Raising Children Network:

Zero to three: