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CHCRF511A: Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children


photo of carer talking to parent

This unit will assist you to develop and practise skills in creating collaborative partnerships with family members so that the care of their children in the service will be enhanced. It encourages you to understand the diversity of families, the stresses and strengths of families and family member perspectives on the service and their children. It is essential to build on competencies already achieved, particularly those in unit CHCRF301D Work effectively with families to care for the child.

When you have completed this unit you will know how to:

  • Consult family members about the child and the child’s needs

  • Reach agreement with family members about care

  • Provide opportunities for family members to participate in the service/program

  • Provide information to parents/carers about incidents and develop care strategies together

  • Respond to family member’s concerns about a child.

Before you begin

photoof father leaving his baby at a centre

View video

We have looked at this video in another unit, but have another look, this time taking particular notice of the interaction between the parent and the carers in the centre.