You may have said that the service would assist Phong to become involved in activities and services in the community that Phong may be interested in. This might include doing a TAFE course to learn new skills, or joining a sporting club. While linking Phong with other people who have a brain injury, the service would also ensure that he has opportunities to mix with other people in the general community and to undertake a variety of activities, as most of us do.

Phong would also find that his cultural background is respected and he is treated equally as with other clients using the service who are from an English speaking background.

Phong would be able to get his wheelchair into the building.

Phong would be given opportunities to develop his own goals for how the service will assist him and participate in decision making about the kinds of services offered to him.

Basically, he would be empowered to develop skills, make choices about the help he received and speak out about his needs.