Care Manual
Personal Care
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Bathing/Showering Policy and Procedure


Residents/clients are encouraged to remain as independent as possible. If assistance is required, it is provided discretely to maintain the resident's/client's privacy and dignity.


  1. Refer to care plan.
  2. Discuss procedure with resident/client. Ensure privacy and dignity is maintained at all times.
  3. Assemble appropriate equipment according to care plan.
  4. Check water temperature.
  5. Provide care as outlined in care plan.
  6. Ensure resident/client is comfortable during procedure.
  7. Check for signs of impaired skin integrity. Note any signs of changes in skin integrity, behaviour or preferences.
  8. Encourage and/or assist resident/client to wash.
  9. If showering, do not use soap or spray water on the resident's/client's face unless the resident/client wishes to do so.
  10. If sponging in bed, ensure resident/client remains warm. Cover parts of the body not being washed at that moment.
  11. Ensure resident/client dries thoroughly (to avoid any skin problems). Pay special attention to skin folds, for example groin, under breasts, between toes.
  12. Attend nails and oral hygiene as per care plan.
  13. On completion of procedure ensure glasses, hearing aids and mobility aids are applied as per care plan.
  14. Report any changes to a registered nurse or senior supervisor and document in progress notes.