Hi! Christina here.

Congratulations! You are almost at the stage where you can start cutting! I bet you thought you would never get here.

Nicole Florea
Biba for Hair

As a hairdresser you will be required to cut hair into various designs. The haircut is the basis of all other hair work - the foundation which creates the shape for styling, colour and permanent waving. Haircutting has never been as exciting as it is today.

Tracey Hughes
Mieka Hairdressing

With hair and fashion trends undergoing constant change, it is vital that you establish a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of haircutting. How else will you, as a professional, be able to move with, and adapt to, these changes as well as adding your own personal touches?

There are many factors to consider before commencing a haircut including:

  • What type of style will best suit the client?
  • Is the hair suitable?
  • What tools and techniques will I need to use to achieve this result?

To help answer these questions, I am going to go into more detail about the four main structures that form the basis of all hair cuts. They are:

Tracey Hughes
Mieka Hairdressing

To find out about each cut, click on the underlined words.

Although these structures can be 'stand alone' cuts, they are often combined to create the finished style cut.

I have found a couple of external cutting and styling websites that you might find useful:


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