Hi! Christina again.

Now, I would like to tell you about men's hair cuts.

Scissor over comb

Usually men's hair designs are a shorter version of a graduation structure (taper), though they may also be a short solid form or layer, or a combination of these.

Creating an outline with clippers

They need to be cut using the scissor- or clipper-over-comb technique, using freehand clippers or some other method where the hair is too short to cut through the fingers. The scissor-over-comb cutting technique is commonly used to cut a very short graduation or taper in a haircut.

A clean outline at the back of the neck and around the sideboards and ears can be produced using scissors, clippers or a razor.

Below are several mens haircuts that have used the short graduation or taper technique in the haircut. They are all blended haircuts, meaning that there is no line between the longer hair at the top and the shorter hair around the sides and back; there is no disconnection between the interior and the exterior.


This cut has a sharp outline beginning at the sideboard going around the ear arch and down to the nape of the neck. It has a taper or short graduation across the nape.

The difference with this haircut is that the outline has been tapered up into the haircut with no sharp outline around the perimeter of the cut.

This haircut has an outline beginning at the sideboard, going around the ear arch and down to the nape of the neck. This outline has a squarer shape across the nape.


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